Technology That Drives Your Life

There’s a good reason Polar-manufactured semiconductors power many of the top vehicles on the road today. Our continued commitment to Zero Defect products and preventative risk reduction programs has helped safely shepherd drivers and their families for over 50 years. We specialize in manufacturing and shipping the highest quality, automotive-grade wafers—and we refuse to ever take our foot off the gas!

If you’re looking to improve your line of vehicles’ safety, range, and driving experience, Polar is the automotive semiconductor company you can trust to power your next-gen systems.

Let’s work together

Our automotive semiconductors are commonly found in the following applications:


• Power inverters
• DC/DC converters
• Electric compressors
• Drivetrain


• Motor control
• Transmissions
• Throttle control
• Ignition systems
• Fuel injection systems

Steering & Brake Systems

• Alternators
• Antilock brakes
• Electric power steering
• Suspension height control
• Motion & speed sensors

Safety, Comfort & Convenience

• Interior LEDs
• Seat belt sensors
• Infotainment systems
• Power doors, windows, and sunroofs

Produced Locally.

Shipped Globally.

Polar-manufactured semiconductors can be found in many of the most popular automotive makes and models driven around the world. From rugged and reliable trucks to sleek and stylish sedans to fuel-efficient compacts—and everything in between. Since 1999, we’ve produced over 20 million brushless motor EPS units, saving more than 2.5 BILLION gallons of gasoline worldwide!

Why Partner With Polar?

• Over 50 years of automotive industry experience
• ISO14001 and IATF16949 certification
• 24/7 U.S.-based manufacturing and support
• Recently expanded capacity for high-volume production
• A Class 1 Cleanroom Foundry that meets ISO14644-1 standards
• State-of-the-art automation and redundant production support systems
• In-house technology development for custom semiconductor solutions
• Access to a team of dedicated experts committed to helping you succeed