American-Made Semiconductors You Can Count On

From prototype development to flexible volume manufacturing, we have the tailored semiconductor manufacturing services you need for a rapid run to market. If you value high-quality ‘Made-in-America’ products that are capable of withstanding the most extreme applications, Polar is the semiconductor foundry for you.

About Our Silicon Wafer Manufacturing Facility

Polar’s semiconductor manufacturing facilities operate with state-of-the-art automation and redundant production support systems to manufacture IC (BCD, BiCMOS) and Discrete (MOS, IGBT) 8-inch silicon wafers for the Power and Sensor markets. With a production capacity of up to 21,000 wafers per month, our silicon wafer manufacturing facility meets all ISO 14644-1 cleanroom standards. 

Advanced Semiconductor Manufacturing

Polar’s advanced semiconductor engineering utilizes cutting-edge tools to deliver high-voltage semiconductors with secure, repeatable, and cost-effective chip designs that meet all customer requirements.


Our unique process capabilities include:
  • High temp diffusion
  • EPI
  • High AR trench
  • Trench fill (SACVD)
  • ALD
  • CMP
  • Thick metal top
  • Thick nitride
  • PBO
  • Backgrind & backmetal


Automate your planning and workflows with Polar’s homegrown Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

  • Barcode WIP tracking
  • Automatic recipe selection
  • Real-time SPC
  • Automatic shutdown
  • PM scheduler


Stay on top of your equipment and tool state at all times with our intelligent WIP scheduling system.

  • Setup, batching, queue timer, reticle management
  • Factory dashboard and reporting
  • Smart dispatching with visual cues
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Developed by Inficon


Take Fault Detection and Classification (FDC) tool monitoring and process fingerprinting to the next level.

  • Independent tool control
  • Process/recipe monitor
  • Process shutdown
  • Developed by Inficon

Robotic Wafer Transport

Minimize the risk of human error and contamination with our state-of-the-art OMRON wafer delivery robots.

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved delivery and CT
  • Lot tracker integration
  • Minimum operator interaction

Gain Multi-Level Control Through Our Defect Reduction Program

Ongoing fab environment, equipment, process, wafer monitoring, and other improvements.

Environment level

• Paperless
• Airborne particle monitoring
• Temperature & humidity control

Machine level

• FabGuard (FDC)
• Contamination control (TXRF)
• Charge measurement (FAaST)
• Defect monitoring (SP1)

Process level

• Thickness, CD, Overlay Metrology, and SPC

Parametric level

• Screening parameters
• Critical parameters
• Outlier screening
• Zero Defect Parameters for automotive

Die level

•Altair, AIT, and TopCon particle inking for Zero Defect Program

Wafer level

• Guardband “Smart” Inking

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

  • ASML I-Line Steppers & DUV Scanners
  • LINK-ed TEL Coat & Develop Tracks
  • ASM & AMAT EPI Reactors
  • AXCELIS & AMAT Implanters
  • AMAT Mirra CMP KLA
  • Automotive Defect Inspection

Other Installed Tools

  • TEL-FSI Mercury Spray Tools
  • AKRION Wet Benches
  • MRL Horizontal Furnaces
  • TEL Vertical Furnaces
  • Novellus CVD
  • AMAT Dry Etch
  • AMAT Endura PVD
  • DISCO Grind
  • Eclipse Back Metal

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