Polar President’s Message on the CHIPS Act

President Biden’s signature on the CHIPS Act of 2022 (H.R. 4346) is a significant step towards strengthening domestic manufacturing of semiconductors, supporting innovation within the U.S., and fortifying national security interests. Polar Semiconductor, LLC, Minnesota’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, would like to express congratulations and thanks to President Biden and the congressional leaders who made this possible through bipartisan cooperation.

Polar Semiconductor manufactures semiconductors largely for the automotive industry and is in the fortunate position of being able to add capacity without breaking ground on new construction. Polar looks forward to contributing to the effort to bring new technology and more semiconductor manufacturing to the U.S.

Funding from the CHIPS Act would allow Polar to speed up some of its advanced development and capacity expansion projects. These initiatives will not only reduce the risk of chip shortages in the automotive supply chain, but also directly result in talent and workforce enhancement by employing STEM graduates and promoting labor force diversity.

Kojiro Hatano

Chairman and CEO

Polar Semiconductor LLC